Something must change.
It must be now and it must be me.

Take the leap into becoming the YOU that you were meant to be.

Are you exhausted from stress and worry? Want to overcome habits that leave you feeling incomplete? Stuck in the past and wanting to Be Here Now? We all struggle with personal issues that we think are too ingrained to change. But you CAN change.

Personal Goals

Need to lose weight or quit smoking? Let me help you get your life back and with it a better outlook for the future.

Stress and Anxiety

Overwhelmed? Can't sleep? Living with high levels of anxiety? I can help you to turn down the dial, recognize the triggers and live a calmer life.

Fears and Phobias

Scared to fly? Hate heights? Dread the thought of a needle? Together we can weed out the root of the issue and get you on your way to a fuller fear-free life.

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